My name is Charlie Budd, The Tall Photographer.

I’m About 6’4″, before you ask.

I live in Stratford upon Avon with my wife Jules (who owns Sew Me Something) as well as two young adults, two cats who think they own the teenagers, and four chickens who think they own the cats.

But throughout my various jobs and careers, image making – both stills and video – has been something I’ve returned to again and again.

Everything I’ve ever done has been about connection – and now I help my clients to connect with other people, using my creative and technical skills.

An Outsider Comes In With Cake

I love to get people to connect, to collaborate, and to help each other improve themselves and their business.

That’s why I set up the Creative Cakestorm group and events earlier this year. 10 – 15 creatives and freelancers get around a table at the Bravescene offices (when we can) with coffee and cake, and brainstorm ideas that can help each other – anything from how to manage feedback (practically and emotionally) to the importance of having passion projects.

The format of the Cakestorm is the perfect way to network with like-minded creatives – getting groups of attendees around tables, with oodles of coffee and cake, brainstorming what they’ve got out of the day, and coming up with ideas to help their own businesses and help each other.

It’s collaborative. It’s challenging the normal ‘rules’ of business. It’s imaginative. It’s progressive. It’s cake. (1)